6 02 2014

We joined Lifetime Fitness this week. Morgan refused to join for a while, he had his fill of the big gym industry, but he needs a lap pool…and I need yoga! Parker already loves the gym. He keeps asking when we are going back. He will be taking full advantage of his junior membership. Ella wants to go upstairs every time we walk in, she is not to sure about child care.

Hot Vinyasa Yoga is a very popular class (so I’ve been told). I LOVE yoga, but bikram yoga is not my favorite. It seems that any convent time for me is hot yoga time. I really like being warm, it’s freezing outside, but what the heck do I wear to hot yoga?


So, hot vinyasa yoga is not AS hot as bikram-bikram is practiced at 105 degrees vs hot vinyasa around 90-95 degrees possibly cooler. Hot vinyasa is more upbeat, and has more variety. Bikram is a series of 26 poses. Vinyasa does not have a set of poses, it does typically involve sun salutations. It’s a fast paced class-one breath, one movement.

I tried the class in the evening, when both kids were in child care, I made it 15 minutes then I was summoned to childcare for diaper issues. I tried it again the following morning, and made it all the way through! I opted for running capris and a tank, most people were in similar outfits. It was pretty warm, I sweat a lot. I had a large bottle of water with me, and I stopped several times for a drink and a mini rest. The instructor walked us through the series, then had us go at our own pace for a while. It was nice, I could hold certain poses longer if I felt I needed to.

I already mentioned the temperature, but I’ll tell you again, it’s WARM. It was also very dark, no mirrors. I enjoyed the setting. I could focus on me, not on people around me. Towels are a necessity, my hands got very slippery, and three legged down
dog with slippery hands could get dangerous.

I think yoga is great for runners, it is a great way to stretch and it is TOTALLY different movements. Both running a yoga give me time to clear my head. I love not thinking about work. I will be back for more hot vinyasa!

Do you practice yoga? Have you tried a hot yoga class?



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