The nightmare

3 02 2014

I had THE nightmare. Not the one where you forgot you were enrolled in class that you never went to and it’s too late to withdraw. Not the one where you show up for a huge presentation with no pants on. But the one where you can’t get your shit together for the race.

I couldn’t find my chomp things, I only had part of my outfit, I’m not sure if I had shoes on, I had an empty water bottle, and no breakfast. We made it to the race and I couldn’t figure out how to get in my corral. I’m pretty sure it was raining.

I woke up a little panicked. I pick out my running clothes the night before for a short training run, so this kind of disorganization stressed me out.

I am trying to figure out my race day nutrition plans for the princess half. Since the race is stupid early, we are at the mercy of someone else for transportation, and we need to be at the start with plenty of time to spare, it’s getting complicated. I want to bring a snack to eat while waiting, most likely a banana and maybe a Lara bar, and some water. Chances are it’s going to be humid and warm, so hydration is a big concern. I need more than a banana and a Lara bar, but at 4 am (or earlier) my paleo friendly choices are limited. I am going to do better with my fuel/chews during the race. I’m going to eat early on, not when I’m already struggling. I bought a big pack of the Gatorade chews (cool blue flavor-try cool blue, it’s fabulous) and I may get some Clif bar blocks as well…gotta have some variety!

My race day outfit is getting packed soon, with some spare parts just in case!

Ok-so really I need easy, no prep breakfast ideas. We are in a hotel, no restaurant available that early, no grocery store, but I can pack (non-perishable) food, it needs to be paleo friendly. Fruit is available, oatmeal (not paleo) gives me trouble during a run…I’m difficult!

Found the image on Pinterest, I wish I had someone to credit, but it was an empty link.



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4 02 2014
Sarah M.

I don’t know much about the paleo diet, but I’m interested in learning more. Are almonds allowed? I love to snack on those.

5 02 2014

Almonds are allowed! We don’t really know what cavemen ate, recently there has been talk that they didn’t eat as much meat as we though. I eat a lot of nuts, fruit, veggies (salad is my best lunch friend) and meat. No processed food, no grains. There are many shades of paleo, it has a lot to do with your ultimate goal.

5 02 2014

I’m struggling with similar issues. I’m running the same race and eat paleo. I’ve been training on a near fat diet. So I run just on fat and no carbs or just a half a sweet potato and I’m freaking out on what to eat before the race. I think I’m going to get some baby food packs. I can run up to nine miles with nothing but I’m hungry. Good luck to you! I just read this post the nutritionist for the race put up last year saying the paleo diet was a terrible myth.

5 02 2014

I will find the article! We don’t know what the cavemen ate, but I know I feel better when I avoid gluten. It hits me like a ton of bricks if I cheat. Headache, sluggish, upset tummy.

I know pre-race is not the time to mess with gluten!

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