What a week

31 01 2014

I’m not sure how January is over. It FLEW by, now it’s nearly valentines day, our trip to Disney AND the Princess Half.

This week was rough, I don’t think I slept more than 4 hours each night. Ella is having a horrible eczema flare and has been miserable (we hare now covered in creams and ointments galore and doing well), the dogs were in and out all night, and then I started shopping online. Besides my run on Sunday, I didn’t run this week. I did yoga, and physical therapy. I was sore for most of the week. I’m planning on a fast four on the treadmill tomorrow morning, apparently it’s going to ice or snow tonight, so indoors is the only way I’ll be running.

Morgan and I are tossing around the idea of joining a gym. I want to, but will I use it? Will it be worth the money? We have never had to pay for a membership. I miss the classes! I have a treadmill available for use, but I’m not good at doing yoga by myself. Also, when the heck would I go? I’m not sure how Ella would do in the childcare. Also, fedex will have to deliver my running shirts to the right house, you gotta look good at the gym.




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