27 01 2014

I have a problem, at mile 12-I hit the WALL, and I hit it hard. It takes more mental energy to get through the last 1.1 miles than it does to get through miles 1-12. I do have a bad tendency to run a bit fast for the first 3 miles (nothing crazy, my first 3 miles are under 30 minutes, then I get in my 10-10:30 pace), but I really don’t think that is an energy thing at 12, it’s more like…WTF are you doing, how about taking a nap instead of this.

Yesterday was a 12.5 mile run, so I only had 1/2 a mile to really have to push through, and honestly I felt greatfine at 12.5, I could have pushed through an additional .6 miles. I need something to push me through the wall. It helps that I have a running buddy, who manages to get me through the wall, but she is not running Princess with me. I really wanted to sit down yesterday, I was DONE.

20140127-120106.jpg we talked a little, she pretty much told me I had to get back to the car. We don’t motivate each other with “you are awesome” or “you can do this” we start cussing, it’s pretty bad, but it gets us through. I really try not to use the big bad word often, but when I’m running it just flows out of my mouth.

I know the end of the race will have tons of people cheering, and that will REALLY help (side note, when I was a casual runner/walker of 5Ks I hated people cheering. It annoyed the crap out of me…I’m strolling along, I don’t need to be cheered for. Now I want to give everyone a hug!) but I know that wall is going to be there.

Do you hit the wall? What gets you through?



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28 01 2014
Sarah Mohler

I have definitely hit the wall before! It sucks and it is super frustrating. I’ve noticed now that I have my running nutrition down pat, the wall doesn’t come around as much. Hope you have a great time at the Princess Half!

28 01 2014

I struggle with eating much during runs. I don’t like a lot of the gels/chews. Maybe forcing myself to eat something (that I like) earlier will help! Thanks

28 01 2014

Every 4 miles I have a honey stinger. I’ve found that if I make myself run the first mile slower than I want, I don’t exert all my energy in the first half of a race and then have enough energy towards the end. Feed of the crowd’s energy and “Start slow, finish fast” – it’s so fun to compete against yourself!

28 01 2014

I’ll start eating a chew before I feel blah!

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