Friday, Friday, gettin’ down on a Friday

24 01 2014

It’s Friday, it’s my weekend off, I plan to do a little outlet shopping tomorrow and a LONG (12.5 mile) run on Sunday. Morgan is in Orlando for a sales conference, the kids and I are all tucked in bed, Ella is asleep, Parker is watching cartoons, and I’m checking in on everyone at Downton!

This week has been busy. Today FLEW by, at 1:30 I realized I was hungry, thirsty, needed more caffeine, and I only had 1 1/2 hours left of work! This is a normal occurrence (Not leaving at 4) I forget to eat lunch. Today I was able to eat part of a salad (I didn’t like the dressing or I would have had more). I need to work on a paleo protein shake, maybe a banana/almond butter/almond milk something or other.

Our Magic Bands came in the mail today!!!! Mine is green… don’t make me recite everyone else’s color! We leave 4 weeks, can I start packing now?

I’ve become a brand ambassador for Swirlgear. I’m looking forward to receiving my first order, and giving a review. Check out the website, and use the code swirlon for free shipping.

It’s been FREEZING all week, but tomorrow and Sunday are supposed to be warm. I’m hoping it’s true, I’m not looking forward to running in 30 degrees, or running 12.5 miles on the treadmill.

Hope your weekend is relaxing or full of running or BOTH



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