Costume time

20 01 2014

Princess Rapunzel has come together well. It’s not a perfect replica, I’ve seen some great, and pretty true to movie costumes. I’m going for the all purple look. I MIGHT make puffy arm ribbon things. I think it would really add to the costume, but it would also require a trip to Hobby Lobby. (Also some pink iron-on rhinestones instead of a corset might be cute!)




My tutu is very short, I have to have real shorts under, not just sliders. I wanted to avoid having tulle rub while I was running. I used 2 shades of purple tulle. It’s a rather light purple, I’m thinking I need to add more of the dark color.

I have purple KT tape, and I’m deciding between compression sleeves or socks.



I prefer running in sleeves, but I like the color of the socks better. While discussing my dilemma with a non-runner friend, she suggested I just wear black ones that I already have. laughed, that would not be very princessly.

I’m going to give the costume a test run, no one wants a surprise during a race!



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20 01 2014

Thank you!

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