Bad decision

17 01 2014

On Tuesday, I ran 4 miles, then I had to go to work. I had to make a decision….dress like a slob or wear a dress. There was no in between. I went with a cute dress and boots. This was a HORRIBLE idea.

#1-my dress was past my finger tips (to use a school measurement). I thought this was long enough, I thought wrong. I have to reach up high, reach down low, and our printer broke. So I was on the floor trying to fix it, all while keeping everything in place.

#2-my lab coat and dress were about the same length. My coat is pretty long, therefore from the back I looked naked. NOT COOL.

#3-my boots were not made for walking or standing. They are cute, but a 9 hour shift in them was bad.

My feet hurt, I’ve been pampering them, but they demanded a few extra days of rest. Since it’s my weekend to work, they will not have the opportunity to run. Next weekend is a long run, and I think they will be ready.




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