Blah legs

4 01 2014

I wanted to run 4 miles today, however my legs had other ideas. The minute I started running something didn’t feel right. I even looked down to make sure I had running shoes on. They felt all wrong. Then my legs were burning/tingling. Sometimes it take about 1/4 of a mile to really get going. It never got better. I stopped and rubbed my calves (they were hurting the most), I changed my speed, nothing helped. I ran 2.6 miles and I finally decided to stop. Nothing HURT, it just felt really weird. I walked the .4 miles to finish 3 miles total, even walking was somewhat weird.

It was almost like my legs didn’t have enough energy. I stretched when I was finished, and I plan to rest most of the day (it’s cold out, with a chance of snow later). I’ve been very hungry, like I ran much further than I did.

Hopefully today was just an off day! Bad runs make me nervous. I get down in myself that I’m not a runner, that I shouldn’t be doing this. I really hate this feeling. BLAH is how I feel.




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