Janathon-day 2

2 01 2014

It’s Janathon day 2. Today was a low key day in the world of exercise. I was feeling my 9 miles from yesterday.

20140102-222812.jpg(forgot to post that)

The kids and I played a long games of Freeze Dance. I pretty sure Parker got the best workout, but I did my fair share of rave style dancing! Then I was off to physical therapy. I always feel ashamed for being sore after PT, but the small motions hurt. I also did tons of squats and lunges. This was all after my warmup on my enemy, the Elliptical.

Back to Freeze Dance, my kids are sick of each other. They are constantly fighting, screaming, stealing, etc. I turned on some weird techno music pandora station, and we had a dance party. Every few minutes we would pause and freeze, but it was mainly dance, dance, dance, and NO fighting! I think Parker is going to be happy to go back to school on Monday, he needs more structure than what we do at home.




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