Pre-Whole 30

1 01 2014

It’s December 30th, I’m officially starting Whole 30 on January 1, 2014, but I can’t eat like crap today and tomorrow then jump in to total elimination on Wednesday.

Coffee (with creamer…it was all I had)
**this is not my normal breakfast, I like to eat a HUGE breakfast, but Monday mornings are sucky. Also, I was in need of a huge trip (or 2) to the grocery store**

Cinnamon apple sauce
Apple, pear, carrot juice

Cobb salad (I ordered from my FAVORITE pizza place, it was delicious. It had fried chicken, cheese and ranch. Not as healthy as it sounds. I think with a few changes it would still be great!)

*I’m making no excuses for Starbucks

Ground Turkey with Italian seasoning and crushed tomatoes

2 out of 3 Mondays, I’m home for dinner. I love being home in time for dinner, but I’m usually pretty tired. We have been eating the same meal on Monday night for a few months now. It used to be served with pasta, but now the pasta is gone, and not missed. If like to try spaghetti squash again, I had a bad experience with it once. Bleh .


Coffee with coconut milk

Egg over easy

Meatloaf , green beans, mashed potatoes (went out to eat, should have subbed potatoes for something else but they are soooo good)

Bacon wrapped sweet potato bites
Red wine-it was New Year’s Eve

So, I wasn’t perfect, but I wasn’t awful. I’ve got a few areas to work on. I NEED a little sugar in my coffee, I’ll try to slowly decrease the amount. I made paleo oatmeal for the mornings, a banana isn’t cutting it. I always have eggs, but there comes a point when I can’t eat another egg!

I’ve been on a pretty steady decline with weight. While complaining about weight loss might seem weird, it’s to a point that it’s nearing unhealthy. I struggle to eat well (or at all) when I’m at work, there’s no time. I’m working on easy to eat meals for lunch and dinner at work. Hard boiled eggs are good, but rather stinky. Salad can be too messy, and it’s easiest if I don’t need to heat anything up. Ideas are welcome.

I’m thinking I’ll try for a weekly post of meals, struggles and deep insight about the Whole 30,subs even a recipe or two.



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