1 01 2014


Janathon day 1.

9 miles, weather was lovely. 40 degrees (which is normally too cold for me), very sunny, the was a strong south breeze, so I altered the 2nd half to avoid running south. I dressed pretty warmly, I was dreading being cold, but felt pretty good.

My right knee and IT band felt PERFECT, but the left leg was giving me fits. I’ve never had left IT band problems, so it was weird. I made it 7.5 miles before needing to stretch, so I only had trouble at the very end. We may work on my left leg at PT tomorrow.

I ran around the neighborhood, it was weird to run for so long and stay home. I usually go to the trail, so I can run out and back, it was nice to be home when I was finished. Compression tights seemed to help my left leg, but I’m still sore. My joints and muscles (really all of me) enjoy warmth, and running in skirts!



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