Whole 30

29 12 2013

I wrote about my less than perfect paleo Christmas, and I still can totally shake my cravings for bready, sugary, bad(y) food. I’m hungrier than I have been, because I’ve been sneaking things I shouldn’t be. I tweeted that I was thinking it might be time for The Whole 30 challenge, and I’ve decided it is.

It’s so cliche to start a diet on January 1st, but this isn’t a diet, it’s a reset. I need to redirect my eating. I’ve only been “paleo” for 2 months, and I slipped up in the 2nd month (although I truly think we picked the WORST time to start this). This isn’t about weight loss for me , it’s really about putting good food in my body, and my families bodies. I really think I have recovered from my cold so quickly because I’m eating better than I ever have (even with my slip ups). When you put good in, you get good out.

Our house needs me to go to the grocery store, we have NO food. It’s pretty sad really. When I stock up on the things we need, we eat so well. Right now we are eating out, eating what we have, eating weird food (although Ella can live off of blueberries).

Whole 30 is pretty much paleo with no cheats. No sugar, dairy, grains, legumes, soy, alcohol, processed food. I cheat for a but if dairy, soy and alcohol. I’m going to take January to eliminate cheats, control my cravings, and get back on track.

Will I be perfect? Do you know me? It’s not possible to be perfect. Will I try really hard? I ask again, do you know me? It’s going to be a struggle some mornings, but with enough planning it’s going to work.



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