My annual winter cold has come for a visit

27 12 2013

It never fails, the end of December I get a cold, it often hits right before New Years, and I take it with me to Florida. This year it hit a little early, and we aren’t going to Florida until February. So honestly it’s not as bad as usual! I’m trying to skip the zpak (I know a cold is viral, but trust me this turns bacterial) I’m using a steroid nasal spray and inhaler. And I’m juicing!

I believe in juice, I don’t get too crazy, I just throw all kinds of fruits and veggies from the fridge in the juicer. I’m unable to do a juice fast, I do not have the will power. I add juice to my diet, as a supplement not a replacement. The kids will drink fresh juice as well, and since they shared this cold with me, they need the juice.

I like carrots in my juice, they have a big of sweetness, and no salty ness (celery is too salty, and cucumbers too).


Orange, carrot, apple
2 navel oranges
3 cuties
4-6 carrots


Apple, pear, carrot, ginger

1 Granny Smith apply
1 pear
4-6 carrots
Small price of fresh ginger

The juice may look the same, but oranges and apples taste so different! The carrot really colors the juice, and stains Ella’s face.

No picture

Golden Beet, Apple

1 golden beet
1 Granny Smith apple

This one is very “earthy” it’s one you chug down.

Hopefully, this cold moves out and I can focus on running. I don’t want to run outside right now, the cold air triggers coughing fits. A few miles in the treadmill actually moves some of the junk around, but my body needs to use energy on getting well not running and repairing damage from running. There’s 58 days until The Princess Half!!!!!

I tend to juice when I don’t feel well, then stop once I’m better. I need to keep juicing when I’m well. I do love bringing juices/smoothies to work. The colors make people nervous. Especially green!




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