Holidays are not paleo friendly

22 12 2013

Paleo and holidays are NOT going hand in hand for me. Between the constant plates of cookies, cakes and candies, and stress at work, I keep caving. I’ve pretty much written December off, it’s been bad.

When I’m at home, I eat well, because I don’t have anything un-paleo. When I’m at work, I bring my paleo lunch/dinner/snacks, then someone shows up with chocolate cake. It’s not a little bite, it’s the whole freaking piece. I know I can’t be perfect 100% of the time, but this is like 50% (or less) good. I can feel my energy level and focus are much lower.

I figure it’s almost January, and EVERYONE goes on a diet in January. There will be less temptation.

I’m hosting a small anniversary dinner tonight, and the menu is totally paleo friendly. If someone wants bread, they are going to need to bring it. I did get a fruit tart for dessert, it’s delicious, and LOADED with fruit!

I’ve found that fixing a paleo dinner for others (or when my mom wants to fix us dinner) is not hard. Meat and veggies are simple, no one misses the bread or potatoes. NOW GET THE CAKE AWAY FROM ME.




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