2 kids with CABIN FEVER

10 12 2013

My poor children, they both have a fever, a BAD case of cabin fever. Parker was actually sick, with a real fever to start our little snow fun time ( be we took care of that). Luckily they both get to go to school tomorrow, learn something, have a break from each other, see someone besides me! We had fun in the snow, but seriously, it’s time for it to melt.


Our house look pretty good in the snow.


I’ve been back to work (I never had a break from work). This weekend was full of lots of family time, but when am I supposed to go Christmas shopping? When am I supposed to make cookies for the teacher cookie exchange? When am I supposed to do anything? Little miss thinks it’s photo shoot time ALL THE TIME.



So, even in the middle of snowpocalypse, and an earthquake, I squeezed in a few treadmill miles. I would love to not run on a treadmill, but I am not running on ice, or in this crazy cold.




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