Physical Therapy

5 12 2013

I was strangely excited for my first PT session. I am willing to do whatever to fix my IT band pain. My therapist is great, she is aware that I am very inquisitive, and have done my own research. Today she moved, looked, pushed, pulled and figured out what is going on. She reminded me that we can’t only fix one thing. If we focus just on my right knee, we won’t fix the whole problem. Everything is connected!

What did we figure out? My left hip and right IT band super tight. Right now she wants to get me loose. I am to stretch over the weekend and run. I’m so happy she told me to run!

Most of my appointment was spent evaluating and stretching…then she brought out the big dogs. The Graston Technique, oh my, it’s like foam rolling on steroids. Most people say it hurts, I think it itches. Yes, for me it’s like the worst mosquito bite, I’m weird. I did have to close my eyes and think happy thoughts for a bit. Some people bruise after, I’m hoping I don’t, we have a Christmas party this weekend and I’m planning on wearing a dress.

I’m going to ice tonight and take an Aleeve and watch the snow fall!




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