Misery Loves Company

30 11 2013

I said my next post would be about paleo, but let’s be honest, that post is going to take a while to finish. The who, what, when, where, why and how of paleo takes a lot to explain!

My post about ITBS, was popular, misery does love company. Funny thing is, I never posted our themed shirts for the race.



We got tons of comments . One guy asked (around mile 11.5) why I was misery, and at that point I.WAS.MISERABLE. We started referring to each other by our word. We lost company towards the end, but had a few volunteers to take his place. We are hoping to have another coolish run to wear our shirts for (or making new shirts).

The front of our shirts had our name. I recommend putting your name on your shirt. People will yell for you! It’s like having personal cheerleaders.

I made some delicious paleo banana muffins this morning, so I’ll get started on my paleo post…that way you can try them.



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