The day after

25 11 2013

It’s been over 24 hours since completing my first half marathon. I am more emotional today, I am really happy that I finished, my time was great, I don’t have frost bite, I didn’t walk (except for over some ice), I’m only somewhat sore. Ok, I’m pretty sore. My quads are screaming, but my joints (except for one, more on that in a minute) aren’t that achy. Getting going is more challenging than normal, but after a little walking I’m ok. I had a massage today, I wish it could have lasted all day!

So, my right knee is not so happy. I REALLY think it’s my IT band. This is a common complaint from me, I have started taping it, and it really helps, but KT tape is expensive. Today, I am struggling to bend my knee. My hope is the extremely cold weather took a greater toll on my body, and everything was tighter while I was running, causing more strain on the IT band. I have an appointment with are orthopedist tomorrow to check things out. I’m hoping some PT could help. I need to strengthen whatever is weak, release whatever is tight and get rid of this ITBS. It’s normally not this painful.

Half marathons are addictive. Even though I was freezing everything off, I had a really great time. Running through neighborhoods, downtown, cherry street, and brook side is exciting, so much to see, not boring at all. Running in a huge mass of people, talking with people as they pass, waving to the spectators/cheerleaders/volunteers. It was awesome. I was expecting to be more bored, it was nothing like a training run. I remember seeing the 9 mile mark and being shocked-Miles were flying by.

I did hit a pretty big wall, the end of mile 11/beginning of 12 were ROUGH. I could hardly move. I was freezing. I was hurting. There was stupid hills (Tulsa seems exceptionally flat, until you run it). This was where the half and full split. Kelly was pulling ahead of me, or I was falling behind. She started going right, with the full marathoners. I yelled at her, and the humor of her potentially have to run the full pulled me out if my funk.

I’m still only half crazy, I don’t want to run a full yet. But don’t worry, I have another race on the books for 2014. April 27 is the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon, and I will be there!



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