Route 66 Half Marathon Recap

24 11 2013

I did it. I ran a half marathon! And I did it in 2 hours and 18 minutes. My “ultimate goal” time was 2:15, my “I really would like to finish by” time was 2:20, but my “I better be done by” time was 2:30. I am very pleased with 2:18.

It was extremely cold, I don’t think it ever went above freezing today. That part of the race SUCKED. I started the race with my super cute running outfit underneath a pair of very attractive sweats.



The sweat shirt went first, but the pants hung around until mile 5. They were becoming very cumbersome, and restrictive. Luckily all discarded clothing was donated (I don’t know of a race that doesn’t do that). My snood was an amazing piece of clothing, it totally ruined my hair do (not that it was great to begin with), but it was nice to warm my mouth and nose. Ear warmers and gloves stayed on the whole race.

The water and Gatorade stops were plentiful, I even grabbed a GU from a volunteer (I could only choke down half). I carried some cliff chomps, but didn’t end up eating them. Towards the end I really wished for more fuel/energy, but I was also so cold, it was nearly impossible to move.

The race asked for anticipated finish times on the registration form, this was to be used for corals. However, (and this is my only complaint) the coral assignments were awful. I was in coral C, with an estimated finish time of 2:20, which is about 10 min/mile. The 10 min/mile line up area was in coral B, along with the 2:20 pace group. I was stuck behind walkers at the beginning of the race. I’m not very speedy, but I had to do a lot if passing.

This picture doesn’t really show the crowd I was behind. It took nearly 10 miles to catch up to the 2:20 pacer. So, I don’t like the corals, if runners are not placed appropriately it is frustrating.

Ultimately we still finished with the time we wanted, it just took some maneuvering. Maybe starting out a little slower is what gave me the energy to finish strong. Who knows!




Post-race refreshments were good, water, Gatorade, muscle milk (I wanted regular chocolate milk), spaghetti, biscuits, bananas and oranges. Due to paleo restrictions (ok Gatorade and gu aren't paleo) I skipped the spaghetti and biscuits. The banana was awesome, and the Gatorade was the best I have ever had.

My post race meal was delicious. An omlett, sausage, apples, and a few bites of pancakes. The pancakes were a cheat, but they sounded amazing. You can’t be a perfect paleo all the time.



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