Race week

16 11 2013

Ahhhhh. As I type this at 11pm, race day is 7 days away. Hopefully a week from RIGHT now, I will be sleeping peacefully, resting and recharging for the big day….not stressing! Ha.

I don’t have a game plan for the week. I could get one, last, quick run in on Tuesday, then rest, stretch and hydrate until Sunday. We are trying out a paleo lifestyle, so carb loading is going to be different. Sweet potatoes are delicious, but ask me again at the end of the week.

Along with 3 or so miles on Tuesday, I also have plans to make shirts for my running buddies. It’s last minute arts and crafts time (said in a sing-song voice). It proves my sorority girl status, themed shirts are required.

Before Sunday, I need to get honey stinger chews. I think those have been my favorite, with the least GI upset. The cherry blossom is tasty. I think I have everything else I need (minus the themed shirt!) I plan on getting things lined up, DAYS before. I will need to look at the pile of clothes and gear at least 70 times.

Any advice is welcome. I know I can cover the distance, and I have “must finish by”, “realistic goal” and “ultimate goal” times in my head (and I’m not telling them) but race day conditions will play a huge role in my performance. The weather looks chilly, but good, but ya’ll this is Oklahoma…anything could happen.


(images from Rt 66 marathon




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