You are an IRONMAN

10 11 2013

My “first timer” husband crossed the finish line of the Panama City Ironman in 12 hours and 20 minutes. It was a wild day, but in the end hearing my husbands name announced followed by “you are an IRONMAN” made it totally worth it! Parker was so upset that daddy couldn’t give him a hug when we saw him a few feet from the finish, he started crying. He thought it was just another run by, and we would have to wait longer (that boy missed his daddy). We quickly made it to the exit and found him so quickly! (Race finishes are always such mad houses!)

I didn’t get tons of pictures throughout the day, we were saving battery for the athlete tracker.

Early morning to make it to the start. The waves were CRAZY (but better than the day before)


We had some fun while he rode 112 miles! (There was an ocean rescue too, luckily no one was too panicked, just couldn’t swim back through the crazy waves)

Looking good, heading out for “just 26.2 miles.”

140.6 miles later, IRONMAN

I’m very proud of Morgan, and luckily he has decided IF he does another- it won’t be for a few years, and it will be somewhere super awesome!

Half ironmans (70.3) are much more do able for both the athlete and the spectator. However, it was truly inspiring to watch.




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