12 miles-Crap and not crap

10 11 2013

Last week, we set out to run 10 miles, however our math/distance judgement were wrong. When Nike+ and RunKeeper said 10 miles, we were 2 miles from the car, at the bottom of Turkey Mountain, with a river between us and the car. It.sucked. But don’t let me fool you into thinking those 10 miles were nice. No, it was ugly, there was so much walking, I sat down to stretch, nasty, nasty, nasty. Then we still had 2 more miles to go.

I was very defeated, and questioning my ability. I have (at least) 3 half marathons scheduled for the next 12 months. And I couldn’t finish 10/12 miles???? I had to tell myself it was a BAD day. Everyone has them, you just keep going.

Skip to today. We had already committed to running 12 today, even before the 10 mile run that became 12 miles of awful . We picked a “hilly” route, to prepare for the race, it was a warm day, I was carrying an inhaler because of my allergies, I had already rubbed 2 spots on my ankle from the boots I wore to church. Today had nasty written all over it.

Today had it’s rough moments, at the bottom of some steep hills, I wanted to cry. But we pushed through (ok, we walked up 2 hills on the way back ). I didn’t need the inhaler, my sore ankle spots were not bothered by my running shoes. 12 miles, done, in 2hrs and 10 minutes. It is a little slower than we are hoping for, but we majoring underestimated the number and size of these hills, and we did it.

I have confidence for the race.

I used KT tape today, and I’m a believer. It helped so much, I want a full body suit made out of it.

I’m not joking.



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