Rest week

24 10 2013

Don’t know what I did, but I’ve strained m/pulled/tweaked some part of my frontish inner hip (adductor-ish). This whole week is devoted to resting. I have a 10 mile run scheduled for Tuesday, and it’s 30 days until my FIRST HALF MARATHON (ahhhh)!I need to rest (I really think the injury came from doing something stupid and running just aggravates it). The evening weather has been so beautiful, I really want to run. It’s hard to stay put! Luckily, it doesn’t hurt anymore, but a few more days of rest have been ordered by “professional judgement” side.

Today, since I can’t run, I went to my one of many local running stores! I ended up getting more than planned, but I’m pretty excited about my purchases.


Clockwise from orange hat:
1. Icebreaker hat to keep my ears warm
2. Pink SPI belt
3. Cherry blossom Honey Stinger chews
4. Pink Lock Laces
5. 2nd Surge chocolate energy gel

I’m looking forward to trying the chews and gel. I need to find mid-run nutrition that I like, and doesn’t upset my stomach. I’m not sure which one I’ll try first. I will give all the gear a try next week. I know the belt will take some getting used to and adjustments. I want to have if perfect before Rt. 66.

We also have a little cold/virus thing running it’s course through our house. Ella and I made Apple/carrot/ginger juice to naturally combat it’s nastiness. She LOVED it.


We are enjoying my day off and rest week with some extra snuggles after her shots this morning.



2 responses

24 10 2013
Running Girl

You will love the spi belt. That thing doesn’t move (unless you overload it….). It’s absolutely perfect for storing your chomps, chews, gu – whatever you use. And it works fine for your phone, provided you get it tight enough. Otherwise, you will get some bounce.

Love the hat! Here’s to rest, recovery and no sickness. Good luck with your first half!

24 10 2013

Thank you!

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