No excuses

20 10 2013

Maria Kang received tons of criticisms for her “No excuses” photograph. She is a fit, healthy mother of 3. It crazy how our society embraces obesity, and unhealthy lifestyles and shuns health. It’s assumed that if a mother is fit, she must be neglecting her children. Somehow is ok to feed your children McDonalds, but not carrots. And is ok to watch TV all day but not run around outside.

I’m not perfect, and we have our fair share of junk, and TV days (like today, we are all needing a total REST day and Oreos are really yummy) But we also have healthy snacks, soccer in the field, bike riding, running down the sidewalk. Morgan and I also take turns working out. He runs in the morning and the kids and I hang out, I run in the evening and he stays with the kids. We take the kids with us, we workout when they sleep.

A healthy mom and dad are setting an example for a healthy life style. What is so important about a healthy lifestyle? More than one health organization include exercise as a way to decrease risk of long term health complications. Exercise decreases blood pressure and cholesterol which in turn decrease the risk of heart attack and stroke. I want to be healthy for me, my kids, my grand kids and my great-grand kids.

Health looks different on different people. A perfect six pack is not the definition of health. Eating well, working out, loving yourself and trying everyday to be better. That’s the healthy lifestyle I’m going for (if a six pack comes with it, I’ll take it!)



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