$24.99 is $25

18 10 2013

One day, at work, I was helping a man pick some vitamins. I suggested he get the cheaper/generic ones. They are they same thing, and you save money. “See, these are only $24 ,” I said. “No, these are $24.99, which is much closer to $25 than it is to $24,” he said. This is how I think. I round everything, in which ever direction makes me happiest!

After 8 miles, some great, some brutal, we only had 1mile left to finish our 9 mile run. We ran into a pretty strong and cold north wind. We ran across a weird bridge. We had ankle and hip issues. But when we only had 1 mile left, our spirits lifted, because we were DONE. But really we still had 1 mile, 5280 feet, 1.609 km, we were not finished. The last mile was faster than the past few, and we felt good. It was weird.

I’m hoping this same mentality stays with me. For Route 66, I will run the first 5 miles by myself (not really, there will be tons of other runners, but at the moment I won’t have a running buddy) I will have Kelly for miles 5-10 and the it’s just 3.1 mile, just 5k-to the finish.

And today, I went to the pumpkin patch with the kids. They would let me take their picture with the scarecrow…




4 responses

10 04 2014
Jesus Segura

Love how you play down the miles mentally. I just did that for my first 5k and prepping for my first 10k. I’m sure I’ll be doing the same.

11 04 2014

I’ve found that I do best when I play games while running! When I started running it was “run to me the mailbox/light post/tree” now it’s “what’s one more mile” or “it’s only a 5k left!” It helps!!

11 04 2014

Love that scarecrow. Very life like…

11 04 2014

It terrified my daughter!!

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