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13 10 2013

I feel like there is not much going on. We are nearing the full ironman, and stress is HIGH. A 14+ hour road trip with 2 kids, and a 12+ hour race. I’m going to have my hands full. Morgan is feeling the pressure of the race (even if he doesn’t admit it). I think we will all be happy when the race is over. I know he will do more, but this his first, this is more stress. (We are all looking forward to some R&R at the beach!)

We’ve begun carb/calorie loading. Eating more hearty meals, which is perfect since the weather is cooling. I want Morgan to have something to spare during the race, right now there is nothing “extra” on him.
I feel bad on my late nights/weekends, I come home and find an empty pantry and fridge.

I’ve just been running my little legs out. I’m up to 8 miles, with a 9 mile run planned for Tuesday. (Who does long runs on Tuesday?) The 8 mile run wasn’t pretty, we keep running into the wind for the last half and it is HARD. I’ve never actually run 8 full miles. I’ve run/walked 9.3 miles, but running the full distance is different. I have very few aches, my hip flexors need more stretching and my ankle is sore. Nothing an Aleeve, ice and STRETCHING can’t handle.

This weekend I “just” ran 5, was a venting, angry, fast run. I felt much better after. But we were running too fast and had to take long pauses in our venting.

I love having a running partner. When I want to walk, I don’t. Why? Because she isn’t. (If I NEEDED to walk, she would!) it’s nice to talk to someone, it’s nice to complain, it’s nice to not run on the creepy parts of the trail alone!

I signed up for the Route 66 Half Marathon on November 24th. I wasn’t planning on being up to 9 miles so soon, and I can’t run the TulsaRun because of work. I’ve been contemplating it for a while, and I finally bit the bullet.





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14 10 2013
Running Girl

It does sound like you have a full plate! Just take a deep breath and get thru one day at a time. How’s that for unsolicited advice from a stranger? Seriously – good luck with your race (and the drive with kids)!

14 10 2013

Thank you! It will be an adventure 🙂

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