Have I completely lost my marbles?

3 10 2013

We have marbles all.over.the.house. (Like literally, they are freaking everywhere…that’s what a 17 month old does for fun) and I think it’s because I’ve lost mine. When I decided it was time to do this half marathon thing, and I actually registered, I thought it would be a one time thing.

I started running again, 2 miles here, 3 miles there, walk breaks, weeks off. And now 7 miles this week and 8 scheduled for next week….WHAT? I feel great, I’m running well. I remember crying in college when we had to run a 10-min mile for Dance (I’m still not sure why we had to?) I remember hating Coach Cahee in elementary and middle school (the dude followed us to middle school for PE…he must have really hated us!) because he thought running was so important. I found ways out of gym all the time. Now I CHOOSE to run. Maybe that’s the difference.

But here is the real crazy part. I tried to register for the Tinkerbell Half in DisneyLand in January, but it’s full. I was going to fly in Friday night, run, and come home. I’m really sad I can’t run, and I want a coast-to-coast medal. (It is also my weekend to work, but I could have fixed that part) Maybe I’ll do the DisneyLand half in August.

I’m also going to register for the Route 66 half in Tulsa. It makes sense since I’m running the relay, I’ll start the race, run my 5 miles, hand off to Kelly, run 5 miles with her. Then I’ll finish the half!!

I saw a quote on Facebook Tuesday that was fitting. “Believe you can and you’re half way there” Theodore Roosevelt. Not only do I believe in myself, but I really am half way there. 7 miles in 70 minutes!



Oh, and this:





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