29 09 2013

Morgan had been dealing with a very tight calf. He thought it was his knee, but his knee is never swollen. Although he had always laughed at compression socks/sleeves, he decided to give them a try. He now wears them both for running and recovery. The jury is really still out on why/if the work. I’ve done a decent amount of research of compression, and it sounds legit. There are no good controlled studies, but there is research. Google it, see what you think.

After my race Saturday, my calves were hurting, so I tried them.


After a few hours of rest and compression my calves felt great. I don’t have compression shorts, and my thrifts are hurting, but my calves still feel great. Could it be all in my head? Yes, but I’m a believer in recovery compression.

Do you use compression anything?




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30 09 2013

I’m a compression believer. I don’t run in compression, but I do like to wear compression socks after. My legs feel a lot more “fresh,” and it was even more evident when training for a marathon than when I train for a half. My muscles don’t twitch as much in my sleep after hard workouts either when I wear the socks.

Logically, the use of compression makes sense to me, and sometimes controlled studies are over-valued. 😉

2 10 2013

My legs feel great after wearing them, but I need through highs!!!

2 10 2013

They do make compression pants– reputable running brands too. Crazy, but oh so ah-ma-zing!

2 10 2013

I’m going to look some pants!

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