Wish I had creative titles

17 09 2013

Another weekend and another long run have come and gone. Six miles is in the books, actually 6.1. I’m pretty sure 1:01 is a 10k PR.



Besides having a good pace, I felt good after. I was tired in the afternoon, but I wasn’t too sore. I was pretty much a bum with the family for the whole day, so my tiredness wasn’t a problem. Even though I didn’t have a ton of energy, I knew I wanted a good dinner. After a short nap with Ella, I ran to the store (ok, I drove, in horrible traffic because of a yard sale). I wanted steak. I needed assistance at the meat counter, I didn’t know what cut to get (went with the filet) or if I needed to marinate (it is a travesty to marinate prime beef). We grilled two filets with a little olive oil, sea salt, pepper and garlic powder…AMAZING. (With a side of broccoli and a backed potato) this is my new go to post long run meal.


I don’t see a long run in the forecast for this weekend. Morgan is doing a half triathlon on Saturday in OKC, so my Saturday is full of being a spectator, and we are hoping to get to the Greek festival in town that night (Greek food is my favorite, I am still determined to go to Greece). Sunday is Parker’s 6th birthday party, and since Saturday is so busy, we will be getting the party set up all Sunday morning. I’m hoping to squeeze in 3 miles Sunday morning, hopefully 3 Thursday morning, and I ran 3 tonight. That is plenty of miles for the week, just not a long one. I’m sure I will survive!

Tonights 3 went well, some women leaving a bar were cheering me on, I think…and my last mile was speedy.

I was ready to be home.

My favorite thing about my weekday runs, is clearing my head. It gives me a chance to refocus on me, and my family, and get work drama out. I’ve been stressed at work for several reasons, and I don’t like to bring that home. A 30 minute run allows me to think about nothing, except finishing and being with the ones that matter.

Long runs are a different story, it’s my socializing time.



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