Day off

12 09 2013

Right now, my work schedule is a little hectic. 14 hr days, lots of weekends, busy. Thankfully I’m off every Thursday. It’s my day to get stuff done, make appointments, have lunch with friends, take naps. Thursdays are always busy, fun and exhausting. You would think it would be a great day to workout, but it’s not!

After a back pack crisis, and several changes of clothes, we were off to school (a 1/4 mile walk each way!).


Ella had to go to the doctor, we needed to buy a shower gift, and get groceries. This all needed to be accomplished before nap. We were errand running fools, but we got it all done. After nap, a guy from the glass repair company came to measure our broken window. He heard dumb and dumber barking and was concerned they might attack him.

So much for my guard dog.

Roxi and Ella kept their eyes in him. We did some messing with the pool chemicals, found a dead frog, nearly threw up. Then it was time to pick up Parker from school. He had to finish his homework for the week

Then we went to soccer

Finally made it home, ate dinner I threw in the crock pot (chicken parm sandwiches ), Parker asked to do more of his math workbook, bathed everyone, and now they are sleeping.

This is why Thursdays are not good days to workout.




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