It’s nap time

8 09 2013

When my alarm started dinging at me at 630, I was first confused, then I was mad at Kelly, then I got out of bed. I’m much better at Saturday morning wake ups than Sunday. But when you tell someone you will run, you MUST get your bum out of bed.

We decided we would run 5 miles. I have not run in 2 weeks because of work, stomach bug, back ache and heat. I wasn’t sure how well 5 miles was going to go, but like Kelly says, we can just run 3, but at some point comes 4 and 5 and 6 and…

I was very happy with 5 miles in 53:33.


The run was pretty event-less, my hip/knee/IT band on my right leg tightened up towards the end. I haven’t been stretching because I haven’t been running (this is most likely the cause of my back pain). I WILL stretch and foam roll. Oh, and we had ferocious 5 pound guard dogs barking at us from the safety of their backyard!

I’m so very happy the pool is finished, floating feels great after running.




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