What makes a “Runner”

22 08 2013

Today, following my run, while trying to get young Roxi to go potty while in a leash (a feat nearly impossible). I met a very nice couple. We were chatting about this, and that, and the husband asked if I was a “runner”. I’m not good at answering that question. I run. I am slow. I still go very short distances (especially when talking with an ultra-marathoner…) but I do run.

I sort of giggled, and said yes, then quickly spouted off some of Morgan’s achievements. He is the “runner” in the family. I can’t say, “yes, I’m a runner.” It’s weird, I get nervous that I’m not good enough to be a “runner”. But what the heck am I doing running at 730p in 85 degree weather when i just want to shower and go to bed, if I’m not a “runner”?


I am going to start saying, “yes, I’m a runner”. I’m going to say it confidently. Runners come in all different shapes, sizes, speeds, and distances. And real runners don’t judge other runners! (At least that’s how it should be)

Now, go RUN



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