Workout attire

19 08 2013

I think most runners have a love/hate relationship with running. Mid-run blues are the worst. When you are too far from home to quit, but you are pretty sure you can’t go one more step, much less mile (or two or ten). Early Saturday morning alarms are the pits. The annoying beep telling you-Get up and RUN!

When I first started running, I didn’t know how important the right clothes were. Dry fit, non chaffing, light reflective, these were foreign words. Then I started buying “running” clothes, but not being super picky. Now, If I love what I’m wearing, and feel good in what I’m wearing, it can make the run a little better. I kinda enjoy picking out my running outfit the night before, laying it on the couch…and setting the dreaded alarm.


Here is my non-sponsored (but please Lulu, sponsor me…I love your clothes!) brand plug. I love Lululemon, and I truly don’t bat an eye at the price tag (I chose to bargain shop for work clothes) . I love bright colors, and I will wear very obnoxious color combos. If your clothes are happy, you are happy! I’m having trouble with the Lululemon running shorts. They don’t fit me right, but I love the running skirts.

The weather has been unusually cool and I don’t have the “it’s hot” excuse. I really need to start increasing my mileage. Besides, lulu is my workout “reward” so the more I run, the more clothes I get!!!



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