The voice

9 08 2013

278 to Boston recently wrote about that Voice. The one we all have, it says “stay in bed” or “cut it short” or “you’ve done enough this day/week/year/lifetime”. It tells you that you don’t need to run or workout, and that you should just stay home and eat cookies. Sometimes it is hard to fight the voice.

The voice tells me to stay home a lot. And many times I agree, it is so rational. Since I am still not “officially” officially training for a race, I don’t HAVE to run. And besides it is hot (oh, my the voice is blogging for me).

Once I start running, I have become pretty good at tuning out the voice. Most days I don’t have a set plan for my run, and I’ve been know to go father than I thought. Last week I totally confused myself and ran 4 miles (don’t ask about this week)



In the middle of a long run motivation comes from somewhere deep inside. You run for that great feeling after, you run to finish, you run so say “I did it”.
I know the longer runs are coming, and I know that little voice is going to sneak into my runs.





2 responses

9 08 2013

It is nice to know that I’m not alone! Great post.

10 08 2013

[…] Half Marathon Mama expounded on “The Voice” post I wrote on Monday.  It is so helpful knowing that others suffer with negative thoughts and how they overcome those thoughts. […]

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