Mystery diagnosis

2 07 2013

While this isn’t totally running related, two runs happened in the midst of the mess I’m about to describe. I’m hoping its a very short tale, and the ending (diagnosis) will soon be revealed.

It all started Saturday morning. I woke up with a sore throat, slight headache, and had plans for a run. A sore throat is no reason to not run, so I put on my favorite running outfit (lululemon skirt and top), discovered my Keurig was broken (headache getting worse) and headed out to meet Kelly. Neither one of us was in tip top shape, but we rocked a hilly 3 miles and 31 minutes! Then I got dizzy, so I drank some water and sat down. It wasn’t very hot, but I turned on my car to get some A/C. Once the dizziness was better I headed home, and started to get the chills-what the heck was happening? It was in the low to mid 80s, I had enough water the previous day. Now my head is POUNDING. I got straight into bed, and rested for about an hour and a half. Somewhere in the middle of this Morgan brings me coffee from Einstein bagel! I finally took a shower and finished my coffee. I should be feeling great now. I took some Ibuprofen mid day, and it was like a miracle drug. I was feeling semi-human. Went out and bought new running shoes.

Sore throat was hanging around Sunday morning, 2 more ibuprofen down the hatch. I get myself worked in to see my most favorite doctor in the whole world monday morning. Sunday evening, I start to notice my elbows have weird blister/pimple looking bumps, and they hurt. WEIRD.

My smartest, best doctor friend is not sure what we are dealing with. My throat is more swollen than usual allergy induced sinus troubles, and I’m not having normal sinus issues, nut my throat hurts…oh and my elbows are a mess. Tick bite reaction, maybe? Start strong antibiotics.

I have a run planned with another friend Monday night, and the weather is phenomenal, I’m not skipping this run, but I’ve got weird spots on my hands and feet and they hurt. We took 3 dogs on our run, my new shoes worked great and my feet didn’t hurt, until we stopped running. Once I stopped if felt like my feet had been asleep, pins and needles all over. My toes felt like they had blisters. My sweet doctor text me about something unrelated, and I thanked her for seeing me and told here about the spots (I also sent her a picture). Now we are freaked out a bit.

Tuesday morning, I get a wake up and go do a UA text message. I also got a phone call about needing blood work, and another call scheduling an appointment with a dermatologist.

Dermatologist sent biopsies to pathology for a clearer diagnosis. She was looking at my feet for a good “lesion” to biopsy, however I directed her to some good ones on my finger…I need my feet ready to run!

There was a mention of ibuprofen being the culprit, I am very impatiently waiting the results…over a holiday. I am running the Firecracker 5k on Thurrsday!



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