Reward for working out…

3 05 2011

After a good workout, nothing is better than chocolate milk.  It is sort of feels like I’m cheating, but it is good for me!  Countless articles (here, here, here…just a few) say it is the perfect recovery drink.  Besides the benefits of the chocolate milk, it totally makes me want to work.  I try for one glass about 10-15 minutes after I workout…not right when I am finished because then I might barf.

I use 1% milk and Heresy’s chocolate syrup, it is delish.  I aim for about 8 ounces, but I am not measuring.  The ratio of carbs/sugar, protein and fat is just what your muscles need to recover.

Do I drink chocolate milk after EVERY workout?  No, sometimes I don’t work that hard (like todays 1/2 mile run), or I don’t have time, or it sounds nasty to me.  I also use EAS protein powder too.  Just depends on my mood!  I still drink lots of water as well-Chocolate milk alone won’t do you much good…if it is all you drink…like all day long…because it is really good.




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