Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon Relay

2 05 2011

Two teams didnot compete in the OKC marathon relay:
KKG u kwon vs. KKG u know

KKG u kwon finished in 4:45:41.610
KKG u know finished in 4:45:41.050

Which rounds to 4:45:42! A TIE! (although when the results were originally posted KWON had won by 1 second…if only I had taken a picture of that)

We had great time, in the rain, hail, and nearly freezing temperatures.
Saturday evening at dinner (when the weather was AWESOME):

Carb Loading

KKG u kwon #30280

it's not a type

My first running medal

I ran the first leg, a 10K, with a PR of 1:12.  Not too shabby!!

Proud of my medal

Hopefully I will start accumulating medals

a couple of runners

Morgan set a new PR 3:32.  He was really happy with his performance.

I would not have gotten out of bed and run in the crappy weather if it wasn’t for the super-fun-crazy ladies I was with.  We were all cold and wet before the race even started.  And for some INSANE reason when I was finished I said I had FUN.




One response

6 05 2011

I had fun too!!! Because all of you were there…so good to see you. Let’s do it again sometime! =)

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