Making time to burn it off

5 04 2011


It is so easy to say you “might” workout, or “hopefully” you can workout, or you’ll start later. And then you can make excuses, because you never committed to it.


I’ve started telling myself I WILL workout today (and tomorrow and the next day and the next day) and I do it. Sometimes I have to sacrifice something-like a TV show, knitting time, or chatting time with friends at school, but I feel better when I’m done, and I really don’t miss much.


I won’t sacrifice time with Parker to workout, so he will workout with me! He likes to do jumping jacks, pushups, and stretching. We also jump on the trampoline and run around the block.

It seems like everyone who has a body I “want” works out A LOT.  There is none of that workout one day this week, and one day next week, then maybe not for another week or two…I’ve been working out at least once a day, watching what I eat (you know trying to up my protein, and down my fat…but this is difficult-I just want one day with 20% of my calories from protein, just one day!)

from and crossfit deer park

I’ve been using some Jillian Michael’s workouts the past week, and she’s been kicking my butt! I’m super annoyed by her, but she will make you work. She has “400 pound people doing jumping jacks-you can too!” Shut the F up is all I have to say to her, but I keep working. I’ve read about people listen to their iPod while watching the video…


All in all you have to want it, it is so easy to make excuses (being sick or injured is NOT an excuse, it is your body telling you to take a break). So tell yourself you are going to do it and don’t cheat yourself!!

PS this is inspired by and dedicated to my sister who is making some very healthy decisions!!



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