Body Fat

3 02 2011

I have been debating on posting this for quite some time…my weight.  I am not really happy with what the scale says.  I remember when it said 120 lbs, and that was after having a baby.  I LOVE that weight.  I am 5’7″ and 120 lbs is about the lowest of “healthy” on the BMI scale.  My current weight is still “healthy”, just not as low as 120.  I don’t really want to do a whole post on how BMI is not the most reliable measurement of wight for athletes, because well I don’t…so BMI is bad for people with lots of muscle…AKA my husband (he is “overweight”).

So I weigh…142 lbs.  I am not a fan of the number 4 in my weight.  But my body fat is 20.5%.  If I was able to lose only fat and get down to 120 lbs my body fat would be 5.9%, ummmm not exactly “healthy”.  While I wouldn’t mind dropping a few pounds of fat and say getting my body fat to about 16-18%, I am not going to kill my self over it (but honestly it wouldn’t be all that much weight-like 4 to 6 pounds).

I am going to continue to eat well, exercise and see what happens.





One response

4 02 2011

For the record, I hate scales and I hate BMI. Kevin is also overweight, btw. I laughed when the nutritionist in France told him to lose weight. (His body fat’s in the single digits.)

I’ve decided to ignore the scale as much as possible and judge on how I feel and how my clothes fit.

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