5 10 2010

I did an 8 (.3) mile run on Saturday. It was TOUGH. I ran the first 3.2 with my dad, then I headed out for an additional 5 miles. I was pretty sure that I was going to need something mid-way through the run based on haw I felt after 7. Since Morgan is a Chocolate Gu fan I decided to give it a try (we have a TON).

At mile 4 I decided to Gu. Morgan and my dad told me you must have water when you Gu (do you like how I have made it a verb?). I opened the little package…

it does not look as scary as it is...

…and I tried to take it down. But I couldn’t swallow it. I just started gagging. and gagging. and gagging. I didn’t want to throw up because then I wouldn’t want to run. I managed to get it down, and drink most of the water I had with me. It didn’t taste bad, it was just like chocolate icing…two tablespoons of chocolate icing. It is really thick.  I am not so sure about it.  I’m going to give it another try, I will report back.




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21 10 2010

Yeah, Gu is really thick. I’m sorry that you didn’t have a good experience with it. Have you tried the Honey Stinger Energy Chews? I switched to them from Gu a few months ago and they’re delicious…Cherry Blossom is my favorite! Here’s the link: Fleet Feet carry them in their store. If you try them, let me know what you think.

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