I just keep going

19 09 2010

AHHH….another longest distance ever post.  Are you getting sick of these?  I ran 7 miles yesterday, and I’m pretty sure I could not have kept going.  I felt good after, tired, and sore, but GOOD.  The sense of accomplishment I feel after a good long run is what keeps me going.

My feet were hurting before the run.  I wore heals on Thursday, and it was a bad idea.  I think I may be retiring all heals.  I think it was my fascia, my feet don’t hurt today…I think the run worked out that pain!  My knee is hurting a little, Maria thinks it might be patellar tendonitis.  I’m going to ice and stretch…something I should do more of anyways.

It might be time to get some kind of mid-run pick me up…Morgan loves GU, Maria likes Honey Stingers.  I need to figure out what I can tolerate.  I had some issues with my Amphipod yesterday.  It rides up, bounces, and drives me crazy-but there are no water fountains on the route I go (Creek Turnpike trail east of Mingo).  I was really thirsty yesterday, which could explain why I was dead after running yesterday.

There is a free yoga class at lunch time at school every week…I need to take advantage of this.

SO…what type of energy product do you use during your runs, what do you do about water, do you drink a sports drink during your run?



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19 09 2010

I drink nuun to wash down the honey stinger, though their chews are a tasty snack without a chaser. 🙂 I use an amphipod, but mine has two (four) bottles.

20 09 2010

I use the GU chomps or the sport beans (come in a variety of flavors). If I do gel I need a cup of water to wash it down. I had the AccelGel in a race yesterday, it was smooth and went down easy; it’s just like the GU gel but you’ll still need to wash it down with water.
As far as water, I use plan my route based on water fountain locations. I don’t have a belt, but I’ve seen people use those that have water bottles. I’m considering the water bottle that has a strap to fit around your hand, so you’re holding the water as you run. I’m not a big fan of wearing or holding my bottles, but I’ve talked to others who use it and they say it’s not too bad. Most have little pockets to put chomps or beans, or whatever you use.

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