unintentional 10K

14 09 2010

Saturday…long run day…I had planned on running 6 miles.  I got going, was feeling great.  My trusty Garmin said I had run 3 miles, meaning it was time to turn around.  I saw no mile markers near me.  I doubted Garmin and kept running, looking for the 6.5 mile maker.  I ran an additional .1 mile looking for the marker, it was nowhere to be found so I turned around and went back to the car.  My total distance was 6.2 miles…10 kilometers…10,000 meters!  Turns out there is not a 6.5 mile marker-who knew?

I also discovered a new area of my body that needs body glide-underneath the band of my sports bra.  And we all know you only find a new area for bod glide THE HARD WAY.




One response

14 09 2010

Ouch! I need to knock on wood before I say this. Excuse me a minute…

I have been very fortunate, even on a 12 mile run, not to need body glide. I did use some on my toe because a new pair of socks gave me a blister, but once that healed and calloused, I stopped. Even my heart rate monitor has been “good” so far. Excuse me while I knock again. I know my day is coming…

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