Making Progress

30 08 2010

WAHOO! I have made some major progress with my foot. I took several weeks off, and I would have taken off some more time, but the weather was too beautiful to not go outside and run!!

Last Thursday I ran 3.75-4 miles. Me and my dear friend Garmin got in a fight, and she was turned off for part of the run. I fixed the problem and we are back on speaking terms. My foot felt great. I did struggle through the run. My legs did not feel like mine, it was really weird, I can’t really explain it. Jell-O might describe the feeling, but not totally. They did not feel like my legs. My lungs were struggling. I have suffered from asthma before, and I felt like a good puff on the albuterol would have been nice. I may go see a doctor to get a new inhaler, just in case…especially with it being ragweed season.

Morgan and I have been running (haha) into a little situation with running. We both want to do our long run early Saturday morning. Leaving Parker at home is not an option, and doing a long run with him isn’t one either. A few weeks ago he stayed the night with my parents so we could both get up and go, but that is not really going to work every Friday night. The plan this weekend was for me to get up Sunday morning (since Morgan ran Saturday…in case you weren’t following my story)…so around 1130pm Parker comes into our room coughing, and climbs in bed. He goes back to sleep, but is coughing off and on, wiggling, sleeping all over the place, sleeping ON me…so at 530am when the alarm goes off, I turn it off and go back to sleep. Morgan tried to wake me up at 630 to go, before he mowed the lawn, I said NO. At 730am, when Parker wakes up I have to BRIBE him to get in the stroller and go for a run. We ended up going for 2 miles. The tires on the stroller were pretty flat, and pushing a 37lb child in a 25lb stroller is tough-even with fully inflated tires.




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