Not much going on….

23 08 2010

There isn’t much going on with me.  I have still been in a slump.  I worked out today, and felt fine.  I am blaming a lot of my icky ness on 2 things…

1) The freakishly hot weather.  I get sweaty walking to the car.  I can’t keep cool enough.  Even though I have been working out inside, the temp outside is really affecting me.

2) Excessive sugar.  Every time I eat something sugary I start to feel really bad-nausea in fact.  I am looking into the reason for this, but in the mean time I am cutting back on my highly processed foods with lots of sugar.  I probably need to get to a doctor for a number of things, I will just add this to my growing list of concerns.

This weekends eating and drinking did not do much for my ickyness.  Weddings are never good for the waistline!




One response

26 08 2010

I just scratched and sniffed my screen…those cupcakes look yummy…but like you sugars makes me a little sick/icky…hope you are feeling better soon!

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