17 08 2010

Last week was great.  I swan, and rode, and ran, and lifted.  Yesterday I rode the bike for 35 minutes, and then felt like doo-doo all day.  Today I feel cruddy too.  I don’t know if it is allergy related, weather related, just being tired from last week.  Who know, alls I know is I don’t feel great, and have no energy to work out.  I will listen to my body and rest.  I will run a half marathon in due time.  And you, my dear blogger reader, will continue to read along as I journey there, right?


(P.S.  You know how it says and beyond after Half Marathon Mama??  I think I have decided where beyond is!  More later…and I might reach beyond before the Half????)




2 responses

17 08 2010

Hmm…beyond like a tri? 😉
I’ll still be here. Good job listening to your body!

17 08 2010

how did you guess? I am thinking maybe a sprint tri.

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