Debbie Downer…please leave my blog

10 08 2010

Man-I was Mrs. Debbie Downer, and I am sorry.  I hate being injured.  This is my first injury that has really kept me from doing what I want to do.

In case you were wondering where the cuboid bone is!

When I danced, I sprained my ankle and that sucked, but I was able to dance again pretty quickly…without pain.  This silly cuboid bone is driving me batty.

Some weird facts about my injury:
-My really old Adidas sandals do not hurt my foot, therefore they are the shoes I wear as much as possible
-My foot holds up for about 3 miles, then it feels very swollen, and painful (by feels swollen…I think everyone knows how a swollen joint feels when you move it, this is what my foot feels like, however there is really not much swelling on the outside?)
-Ice and advil can get my foot feeling better is a few days!

Luckily I am pain-free when I do non-impact cardio activities such as swimming and cycling (the elliptical would not hurt either, but I despise the elliptical). My plan is to swim and cycle for a while, really let me foot heal and then try running again. I am going to tryout my new running shoes this week, see how things go, and if I am hurting quickly I will not keep them. I probably won’t run for at least a month, maybe longer?

My new shoes…Asics 2150

The lady fitting me apparently knew I liked PINK…pretty much every shoes she brought out was very pink!

Along with cardio I will really be focusing on strength training.   
And now to answer a question the fabulous Brooke asked…
What’s been your favorite race or running trail thus far?
-I haven’t run many races…I think paying money to run 3 miles is silly.  And a 5K is not that HUGE of an accomplishment.  Anyone can get out a walk 3 miles, it is not that far.  I do like the Tulsa Run, it is so popular and packed, and you see tons of people. 
I also like running on the River.  I have run North from the 96th St Park (least favorite), North from 41st (LIKED a lot…I put my feet in the splash park when I was finished), Run both North and South from Veteran’s park,  I really don’t like the trail on the west side of the river.  Tulsa has a ton of great trails! 



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