Questions that I get asked all the time

8 08 2010

OK, not really, I don’t get asked much about running ever…because most of the people I hang out with are runners (Morgan, my dad, several friends), but these are questions I often see answered on other running blogs.

What do you listen to when you run?

Morgan has convinced me to not run with music.  It can really mess up your pace, and I suck at pacing myself.  I have downloaded some podcasts that have a certain BPM.  They have all ranges of BPM depending on your pace.  150 BPM correlates to a 10 minute mile.  I have not used the podcast yet because I have been running at the gym, and I talk to Morgan, watch TV, listen to the music there, am on a treadmill so I don’t need to pace myself.

What are your running goals?

My goals are to finish races.  I have no goals for my time.  I would like to finish the 1/2 marathon in a decent time, but just completing it will be a PR for me.

What is your running strategy?

I run a 9-10 minute mile in order to stay out of pain, but then I take walk breaks.  I have several reasons for walking:

1) I can run faster, therefore not be in pain

2) It gives me something to look forward to when I think I am going to die (in the heat)

3) It breaks up the monotony of running a long distance.

What do you wear when you run?

I HAVE to wear bottoms designed for running.  These have built-in lining like undies. I have found running with undies on causes some nasty chaffing in the booty area, my undies are cotton-they don’t breath, so there is a build up of sweat.  I use body glide or vaseline or aquaphor on my thighs to help with chaffing there, but not undies (so far) has kept the chaffing away.  If I’m going to run outside I wear a “Tech” shirt-a shirt that is not 100% cotton and dries quickly.  Shawna has a great post regarding cotton vs tech shirts.  I also wear a Bondi Band to keep my crazy “bang-things” out of my face.

What do you do for cross-training?

Yoga, weights, swimming, sitting on my arse.

Any other questions you have for me?





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8 08 2010

What’s been your favorite race or running trail thus far?

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