8 08 2010

I’m very discourage about my running.  Yesterday I went out for a 4-5 mile run.  My master plan was to run 2 miles out, run back 2 miles and then I could run 1/2 a mile the other way and back if I was feeling good.  For the first 3-3.5 miles I was doing great.  I took my scheduled walk breaks, got a drink from a VERY warm water fountain, and had a great pace.  At 3.45 miles my time was 34.5 min.

Then my foot fell apart.

The pain in my foot was pretty intense, my foot felt like a grapefruit.  I tried to run, but it was very painful.  Problem here…I am 1/2 a mile or so from the car (I ran a little more than 2 out…all for a drink of water) and I can barely walk.  Morgan passed me on his way back-that sucks-he ran 7 miles.  My walk back felt like an eternity.  I have been icing, and adviling all day, and my foot is still sore.  I got a new pair of running shoes, I’m going to try them when my foot feels better.

Should I really be running this distance?  Is running really a sport for me?  I’m frustrated, and discouraged.

Morgan has suggested  I try cycling.  We have a really nice road bike hanging in our garage that does not get used…




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