6 08 2010

Update on Peanut Butter Smoothie:

I tried using Truvia (stevia powder) to sweeten the cocoa powder.  It gave the smoothie a different taste, I was not a fan of this taste, however it wasn’t horrible.  I may try splenda sometime.  I also calculated the nutrition facts for the smoothie…


437 calories

10 g Fiber

22g Fat

8  g Sat. Fat

55 g Carbs

20 g Protein

I know this is high in calories, but when compared to Jamba Juices 22oz Peanut Butter Moo’d Smoothie it is pretty light.  The 22oz JJ smoothie has 20 g of Protein, the same as my smoothie, however the JJ smoothie has 770 calories.  I drink this smoothie for breakfast, if it was just a snack it would be pretty high in calories, but it is a meal!  Also using a sweetener other than sugar would decrease the calories.  (PS the reason for the sweetener-cocoa powder is not sweetened…I have tried not sweetening and the smoothie is gross.)

Update on My foot:

Foot seems to be doing better.  I have been experimenting with my old shoes, and insoles.  My last run was great with my NB 826 and the insoles that came with the shoes.  Problem-my shoes have a hole in the back-where my foot rubs and I get a blister.

This weekend is Tax-free weekend!!!  I think I will go get a new pair of running shoes.  Saving ~9% on a $100+ pair of shoes is excellent.  I could get lunch with the money I save.  I tried on Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10

and liked them.  I think I will try them on again, run around some more and buy them! Morgan and I have been having some deep conversations regarding our feet and running. I think I need cushioning, light weight, and a little support. I’m still not completely convinced that I need to run in shoes at all…but I can’t switch to the Vibrams.

Update on the Route 66 Quarter Marathon:

I’m not running this weekend for a few reasons:

1)I don’t want to push my foot too far.  It felt great doing 3 this week, but I’m nervous-I don’t want to hurt myself again

2) We are under a heat advisory.  It is flippin’ HOT outside.  I don’t want to get sick.  Morgan was not super excited about me running in the heat (he is a little protective of me), he can’t come out to support, and I think he thought I would die.  I would probably be out running for quite a while, and the race doesn’t start until 8am.

3) I’m not sure my legs and lungs will carry me 6.55 miles.  I took several weeks off, and may not be ready for this distance.

Update on something I haven’t really blogged about, but that has been in discussion at home:

It is official-Morgan and I are running the Disney World Half-Marathon.  We will not be running together, as he runs WAY faster than me (think 7 min/mile compared to my 9-10 min/mile with walk breaks!), but we will go to the race together at 3am and hang out together for hours until the race starts!  Morgan will be in corral A (the fast group) while I will be in corral Z (OK, I will be in the group that is not really corralled, but starts after the super fast people!)  He is excited to go to the race with me, and I am excited to take pictures with all the characters while I run!

OK, that is all the updates I have right now.  Unless I think of more later!





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6 08 2010

I have sooo been wanting to do the Disney Half Marathon-you’ll have to let me know how it is. FYI there is a Disney PRINCESS half marathon, and we should do it!

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