Quarter Marathon

3 08 2010

I feel naming a race a quarter marathon is simply a marketing ploy.  Why not just have a 10K race.  The difference is about 1/2 a mile, but when you some QUARTER MARATHON people think it is so much farther.  But I’m running it anyway.  I know I said I wasn’t going to, and that my foot sucks, and that it is flipping HOT right now…but I changed my mind.  Well a pushy person changed my mind (sort of).  My dear pushy friend is also a client of Morgan’s (this is not private information, she openly admits to having a personal trainer of dailymile…besides there is no such thing as personal trainer/client privilege!)  they seem to talk about my running a lot-like he tells her that I can run faster than I do, and she tells him I can run even faster than he knows, and that I should just run this silly quarter marathon this weekend. 

So tomorrow I am going downtown…because that is the only place you can sign up now…to sign up for the race than is about 1/2 a mile longer than a 10K (not that I won’t be complaining that almost 1/2 a mile, and probably more).  My first official race since begining this blog, and my journey to a half marathon.


PS-If you can’t find me this week, I will be in the bathroom because I have to hydrate ALL week…



One response

3 08 2010

Hey! Try Nuun or a little sea salt to reduce bathroom trips! See you Saturday. Look for me. 🙂

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